John Knox Theological College

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“The Presbytery of the Presbyterian Reformed Church of Australia established John Knox Theological College in 1968 with the prime purpose of training ministers and missionaries for that denomination along with encouraging its membership to pursue studies for personal benefit.

Anyone in or outside the Presbyterian Reformed Church (male and female) is encouraged to study individual subjects with the College from time to time. Every Christian ought to be a student of God’s Word and many have already benefited from such studies and have deepened their understanding. For this reason, a number of major courses are offered at three levels:

Level 1 is compulsory for students for the ministry within the Presbyterian Reformed Church,
Level 2 may be taken by private students for personal edification and is much less demanding than Level 1,
Level 3 caters for those who wish to listen to the lectures only.
The College has employed for years, the method which has come to be known as “Theological Education by Extension”. Simply stated, this means that each student studies with fellow students within the geographical and pastoral bounds of his own parish. Students receive the lectures on DVD or audio CD, and watch or listen to them with fellow students, on their own, or with a local elder. All notes, assignments and examinations are mailed to the student for the subsequent semester, based on their timetable issued by the College.

In Sydney, live lectures are usually given at the College in Peakhurst in the evenings, and students are expected to attend wherever possible.

Subjects available at the College include:-

Church History
Missionary Principles
New Testament
Old Testament
Pastoral Theology
Systematic Theology.
For more information please contact Vivienne Adams by email at and you will be forwarded a copy of the Prospectus.”

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